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Kim’s “Get Healthy” Weight Loss Transformation

Kim's Get Healthy Weight Loss Path

When I first went to InShapeMD-Severna Park I was 354 lbs. I had been diagnosed with hypertension and diabetes and was taking a number of medications to help manage those conditions. As of this morning, I weighed in at 274.5 lbs. I am still off my diabetes medication, with a low A1C level, and am taking 75% less hypertension medication (I was taking four different meds. Now I’m taking only one and the dosage has been cut to the lowest strength), then when I began the protocol.

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Becky’s Weight Loss Transformation

Becky's Weight Loss Transformation

I weighed 167.8 when I started the program on January 31st, and by the end of Phase 1 (30 days) I was down 20 pounds. With this program and the help of my trainer I am in the best shape of my life. I am more conscientious of the food I put in my body and I feel better than I have ever felt. I have more energy now, and besides physically feeling better I am in a better place mentally as well..happier.

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Why Did I Become A Personal Trainer?

Hanna Golom

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Ira’s Life Changing Weight Loss Story

Success Stories Ira weight loss

I came to In-Shape MD a little over a year ago. At the time I weighed over 400 lbs and needed to loose a lot of weight! I have since removed 135lbs of weight and am virtually off most of my medicines.

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Stacey – 30lbs gone so far!

HappyLee Success Stories

When I began my first round on the program I weighed 200 lbs. and after 28 days I weigh 180 lbs. I am very much a pear shape and went from a size large shirt down to a size medium and a size 18 pants down to a size 14. I was shocked that during the 2 weeks off Phase 1 of the program my body had gotten used to the portions and types of food I was eating and I found it very difficult to eat 1,000 a day. Most days I was close to eating 800-900 calories. At the end of the 2 week break my weight had stayed exactly the same!! I am just past the middle of my 2nd round and down another 10lbs of FAT.

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Becky Freeberger – Weight Loss Story

Becky Freeberger Wellness at InShapeMD before and after

What an amazing program! I was skeptical when I first discovered InShapeMD, but I gave them a call and after talking and meeting with Lee at the Severna Park location, I was truly on board. I have to say this is the easiest diet or shall I say the most awesome lifestyle change I have ever done for myself.

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Chicken & Veggie Stir Fry with Mango

chicken and veggie stir fry with mango Chicken & Veggie Stir Fry with Mango Recipe   Eating healthy does not need to be boring! This Chicken & Veggie Stir Fry with Mango will wake up your taste buds, feed your muscles and satisfy your fiber needs, all in one delicious bowl! Meals like this,Read more

Leslie’s New Healthy Lifestyle Story

Leslie's New Healthy Lifestyle Story Before and After

I have lost 27 pounds so far on my journey to my new healthy lifestyle. Not only has this changed my life but it has changed my entire family’s life! My husband and oldest daughter are getting healthier. My 12 year daughter, who has ADHD, was addicted to sugar, and became over weight, started learning how to be healthy through my efforts with this company. And WOW! She has now lost 20 pounds and has met her goal and is healthy and feeling great!

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Men’s Hormone Replacement Therapy

HappyLee Fitness InShape MD is known for helping people meet their weight loss goals but we also offer other services. One such service is an anti-aging therapy for men facing decreasing testosterone. As we age our hormone production takes a downturn, usually before we are ready for

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Weight Loss Benefits

HappyLee Fitness and InShapeMD wants to support you while you strive for and reach, your fitness goals. We are a medical weight loss center in beautiful Severna Park.  Our HCG Medical Weight Loss Program uses naturally occurring human hormones to help you lose weight, have less hunger

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