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Both Lee and Chuck are fabulously knowledgeable people with a palpable passion for health and wellness. When I participated in the weight loss program, Lee was a great mentor and resource who really helped to make the process as painless as possible. In fact, she managed to make it fun! These are educated, intelligent people, and I’m endlessly grateful for their assistance on my journey to wellness. 5 stars!
Chelsea M
InShapeMD truly made a huge impact on my health and wellness. I had been gluten, dairy and sugar free along with working out regularly; cardio and weights for over 6 months and it made very little difference on the scale. At my wits end someone suggested InShapeMD. I was aware of other people who had taken the HCG hormone with great success with their weight loss. What really made the difference was the weekly appointments to help guide you along as well as the encouragement to get back on track for any slip ups. All said and done I’ve lost 19lbs in 1 short month. Not saying it was easy but I was never hungry. I realized how often I would put food in my mouth out of habit not out of hunger. I can’t say enough about how great I feel and look. Thank you!!!!!
Angela C
After developing some food allergies, I hard time dieting because proteins in most diets cause a life threatening reaction for me. Met with the InShapeMD team to see if this plan might work for me. It’s is literally the only diet plan that I’ve found that (1) supports food allergies (2) works–and stays off. Not only have I lost weight, but I continue to lose weight – to achieve my optimal goal. After nearly a year with them. Additionally, the counseling has helped me make diet adjustments that are sustainable. I’m eating better than I ever have!Wish there was an option for more stars – Great program and great staff
Margaret D
I have always had very positive experiences at InShapeMD in Severna Park! Its owners, Lee and Chuck, and their staff are very knowledgeable and their kind concern for patients’ well being is quite evident. I have recommended them and will continue to do so. Oh, and thanks for the new HappyLee fitness program. It’s exactly what I needed!
Glenn M
So thankful to have the continued support of In Shape MD and Happy Lee Fitness as I work toward my wellness goals. Since last fall when I stepped through the door, I’ve lost weight and firmed up. They’ve encouraged me and helped me map out the right plan of action. They even modified my plan when I needed unexpected surgery this spring. My doctors credit my overall fitness program with my quick recovery. I love the ease of access no matter what time of day. And I couldn’t ask for better partners in fitness/health than Lee, Angie, Chuck and Jim. Upbeat, positive, professional…can’t say enough nice things about this operation
Patty L
InShapeMD has changed my life. The staff is amazing and teach you about your health and reaching your goals in a healthy way. Lee is very knowledgeable about how the human body systems works and how each person has individual issues that have to be addressed in various ways. I for one have lost weight and kept it off and know of many others that have as well. I’m more healthy than I have ever been! Thank you InShapeMD of Severna Park!
Jessie S
This program, under the direction of Lee Sallustio, has been life changing for me. I was able to lose 50 pounds with their nutritional counseling and am now in the process of learning the most difficult stage of maintenance. Their support staff is friendly and helpful. My primary care physician researched and approve this plan for me and I am glad she did! I would highly recommend this program for anyone who has struggled with weight control.
Anne Forsythe
I have known Lee and her co-workers for years. She and Chuck, are always friendly and will answer any questions that you may have, even on their personal time! :-). One major thing I love about their work ethic is that anytime you speak something negative in their establishment, or outside for that matter they will kick you in the butt and bring you back to reality. These are two great people that are severely dedicated to helping others achieve a healthy life.
Jason Manasseri
I’ve been on my fitness journey since 2013, I was 191 pounds then, with exercise I dropped down to 162 pounds. I started working out with a trainer and I was getting stronger but my body wasn’t changing. My trainer would always tell me its my diet and I need to eat better. I would try to make good choices but I wasn’t really educated on what’s good and bad for you so I was just at a standstill and… was beginning to lose motivation. That’s when I decided to check out InShapeMD because I had come to far to quit. With this program I have learned so much about the importance of eating healthy and making better choices. I was a girl that LOVED sweets so to give up sugar was something I did not think i could do, lol. I did though and my body was thanking me for it!!!!! I weighed 167.8 when I started the program on January 31st, and by the end of Phase 1 (30 days) I was down 20 pounds. With this program and the help of my trainer I am in the best shape of my life. I am more conscientious of the food I put in my body and I feel better than I have ever felt. I have more energy now, and besides physically feeling better I am in a better place mentally as well..happier . I weighed myself this morning and I was 145.6, so a month later I am still maintaining my weight loss because of the things I’ve learned through InShapeMD. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to express how grateful I am for this journey to a better me. I now have knowledge and tools to take with me for the rest of my life. They were with me every step of the way and just an email or phone call away with any questions I had during the program. Thank you so much for changing my life!!!
Becky Horton
InShapeMD~ Severna Park saved my life!! I was battling for years with weight loss & gain. I used to compare my weight & health to a yo yo! I started the program in February and successfully completed the program in 6 weeks. I can’t call it a diet program or plan because it was and still is a health choice! I lost over 40 pounds & have kept the weight off! I didn’t exercise before (unless you consider fork to mouth lol) and after completing the program I did have the energy & desire to start working out. Phase 1 was tough at first but only because sugar was my bff or so I thought. 4 days in phase 1 I was so happy with myself and my new choice of healthy living. Phase 2 was super easy & taught me the skills I needed to maintain. Having weekly appointments with Lee made it so much easier for me to give it 100% because she was a wonderful coach! I would recommend InShapeMD Severna Park to everyone I know!!
Terri Soto
(Chuck) and Lee make an unbeatable team and will help you achieve your fitness goals.
Donna PiaVocci
Great facility with an amazing group of people and an extremely welcoming environment. These guys are rock stars at what they do.
Marlena Calobong
I'm lucky to have had the opportunity of working with them both. You'll never find two more genuine fitness professionals anywhere in the industry. IF you CAN work with Chuck &/or Lee understand that its a once in a lifetime opportunity and BE A SPONGE!!
Eydie Ann Lieberman

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