Are You a Personal Trainer?


Looking for a Studio to Train Your Clients?

Looking for a Place to Train Your Clients?

We would love to have your join our team of independent personal trainers who are excited to maintain their own business identity, but work as an integral team member amongst other professionals who share our important vision.

Personal training twenty years ago was expensive and reserved only for the wealthy. The concept of having a fitness professional guide you to wellness, was out of reach for most people. Now that has changed for several reasons. The fact is today universities, vocational schools, online courses and several independent training certification programs have exploded the opportunities for trainers. There are more certified fitness trainers today than ever before. Fitness Trainers are not only training clients at health clubs, but also universities, apartment complexes, private homes , public parks and online. The opportunity to use a fitness trainer has not only expanded but has become affordable to many more people, one on one and in small groups.

The Fitness Trainer Challenge:
Professional Fitness Trainers looking to service clients inside health clubs, fitness centers, and many studios often need to become either employees, or independent contractors. While the facilities certainly do provide many opportunities for the professional, often there are many regulations that must be adhered to including structured or required hours or minimums; controlled pricing; facility duties/responsibilities and/or other restrictions.
There are certainly benefits to becoming an employee, but we have often seen how the freedom for the true business minded professional is limited in their ability to grow and build their business the way it was originally envisioned when they first set out to be a fitness professional.

HappyLee Fitness Studio ~ A Solution for You:
Think of us as a hub for trainers. HappyLee Fitness is a place that welcomes professional fitness trainers. You will not be an employee; you will not have set hours or required hours and you will not have any major facility responsibilities. Do we have your attention? You can set your own fees, train clients when you would like, for as long as you would like, and have complete access to the facility without incurring any time for upkeep of equipment, cleaning or scheduling.

HappyLee Fitness Studio allows personal fitness trainers to reserve studio time and pay the ”˜use fee”™ electronically as needed; basically reserving and renting space by the hour and/or half hour. You reserve space and the training tools and are charged a fee based on training one-on-one sessions or small group sessions (for 2 or more up to 6). You in turn charge your clients (**our members**) your fee directly. All clients who are not yet members may train with you for up to 30 days (once they meet with management to obtain access). After 30 days he or she must become a member.

How to Get Started:
You need set up a meeting time with one of our HappyLee Fitness Owners. We will review your resume, discuss how the training option for trainers work, review how your current clients can participate for 30 days with out paying their first month membership fees (all memberships are month to month). We discuss the ways we help to grow your services and work through many co-promotion opportunities. It”™s pretty simple.

We are excited to provide you with a training hub; a place you can call home; a place where you can bring your clients and a place that you can build your brand. You will be a business of your own under our roof; working along-side other professionals. Your clients are your clients. Sure they are our members. However for training sessions/programs, they pay you directly. We do business with you, as you are reserving space inside HappyLee Fitness per training area and the number of people. Once we have you set up in our system so you can access the studio, you can then invite your clients who are not yet members to gain access for their initial complimentary 30 days. All of their instructions go out by email from you with links to our portal to they can follow through and obtain access. After the initial 30 days if they would like to continue training with you at HappyLee Fitness, their regular month to month membership will take effect.

We would love to have your join our team of independent personal trainers who are excited to maintain their own business identity, but work as an integral team member amongst other professionals who share our important vision.

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