Our Gym

InShapeMD and HappyLee fitness building in Severna Park

Our 2,000 square foot gym is packed with fitness & workout choices. We are small in physical size, however, filled with state of the art equipment. Our equipment selections were handpicked by owners who combined have worked in the fitness, health club, and personal training industry for over 50 years. Offering space for those who are interested in participating in small group fitness classes/programs as well.

Each new member is oriented to the gym’s circuit equipment and body weight exercises and workouts with a focus on safety and proper biomechanics for a strong core. We have free weights and multi-purpose strength equipment along with Body Weight Suspension TRX for those ready to progress to more challenging motions in their workout. Many of our members will decide to expand their fitness routines with the help of a personal trainer for private workout sessions and/or small group sessions and/or boot camp workouts.

Circuit Training

Circuit training is a challenging workout where you do multiple exercises, each for 30 seconds to 5 minutes in a faced-paced sequence, one after another with little to no rest between the exercises. Our gym features Hoist state of the art ROC-IT Circuit Equipment.

Cardiovascular Workout

Cardiovascular exercise involves movement that gets your heart rate up to improve oxygen consumption by the body. Cardio not only helps you lose or maintain weight, but it also helps you build endurance so you can remain active for a longer period.

Youth Strength Training

HappyLee Fitness teaches children and young athletes the proper mechanics of lifting weights, learning how and why to put multiple exercises together to get the best results and more. Often kids just try to lift heavy weights which can result in injury. Our gym teaches proper form and execution to help your son/daughter to stay safe as they work toward their strength training goals.

Personal Training

Take your workouts to another level. Personal training instruction can give you professional guidance for strength, cardio, sculpting, and injury recovery. It’s great to do a needs analysis with a trainer and talk about your workout and exercise goals. It’s proven that members who workout with a trainer, not only get better results, but have a higher commitment level to their health.

Small Group Training

Our trainers at the gym will teach small group workout classes. Our groups will range from 2-6 people. The benefits of group workouts are many. Having the opportunity to workout with others provides inspiration, makes you work harder, and creates a level of commitment to the team.

Strength Training

Strength training is appropriate for everyone. Whether you are young or old, you will benefit from using weights in your workout. Strength training is an effective cross-training tool for athletes, as it serves to train not only sport specific muscles but is can address a weakness in opposing muscles, which helps to prevent injury.

TRX Suspension Training

TRX is excellent for small group training but also for individuals. TRX provides you the opportunity to build strength and flexibility while using your body weight to provide resistance. A trainer led class will put combinations of workouts and exercises together that will leave you satisfied, fatigued but wanting more.

Multipurpose Fitness Machines

Happy Lee Fitness offers so many ways for you to be healthy and get in shape. Our most versatile pieces of equipment are our multipurpose fitness machines. We feature the Hoist Multi-gym and the Matrix Muti-station. Both of these units allow for users to quickly transition between exercises and offer a variety of activities.

Medicine Balls:

Our gym has a complete set of medicine balls that we use for core building, cardio conditioning and endurance training and workouts.

BOSU Balls:

BOSU is another workout tool to develop core. There are many combinations that we can utilize BOSU to improve flexibility and to strengthen core during exercise and workouts.

Resista Balls:

Our gym utilizes Resista Balls to workout with clients for their abdominals. HappyLee Fitness can show basic movements to advanced movements. The Resita Balls are a great way of showing “the new fitness client” to the “advanced fitness client” how to strengthen their core.

As a studio our gym will not serve everyone, but from a pure fitness standpoint we don’t believe there is any one person’s needs that we can’t cover. Please stop by and take a look.

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576 Benfield Road
Severna Park, MD 21146

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HappyLee Fitness Hours

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