Small Group Training

Benefits of Small Group Training

Small Group Training is a fun and economical option to achieve your fitness goals. Designed for groups of three to six people, it is a cross between personal training and group fitness classes. Your group will get the benefit of personalized attention, group support and motivation.

HappyLee Fitness loves Small Group Training because it is budget-friendly, and it will afford you personal, effective, and specialized training. It is an amazing tool to help you break free from plateaus, allowing you to attain and even surpass your fitness goals. This training is a fun way to take advantage of a trainer’s expertise while experiencing a friendly competitive group dynamic.

All of the Small Group Trainers work to produce an actual program with deadlines and goals, never using an “intensity without intelligence” approach. We work with you to formulate a high-quality strategy, with your objectives in mind. There is usually a specific time frame allowing your group to be able to commit easily, and see measurable progress. Often small group training will follow a logical progression preparing your group for a special event like a 10K or a marathon.

These short-term programs are motivating and less intimidating and super goal oriented. The long-term benefit is building lasting, real excitement about being in shape and life-long health. Also, you’ll gain friendships, begin relying on each other and learn to work as a team, creating a new level of commitment.

The benefits of Small Group Training include:

Small Group Training

  • Variety
    There are some many options to play off each others strengths and weaknesses to increase everyone’s fitness.
  • Camaraderie
    The group begins to rely on each other and holds each other accountable in a supportive manner.
  • Economical
    You get the benefit of having a personal training and group exercise all in one but without the one-on-one cost and you don’t get lost in the crowd.
  • Motivating
    A little healthy competition inspires the group to work harder, better, and stronger.
  • Fun
    You are all working together to achieve specific goals and will benefit from the intimate mingling of personalities and fitness levels.
  • Results Driven
    Everyone is working toward a specific event like a wedding or an organized athletic competition like a triathlon or marathon.

Contact Chuck at HappyLee Fitness to learn more about our Small Group Training.

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