Jeremy Conn’s Weight Loss and Playing Sports for Life

Jeremy Conn Weight Loss

Jeremy Conn’s Weight Loss and Playing Sports for Life (105.7 The Fan)

I really couldn’t believe that I lost 35 pounds in just under 6 weeks on my diet plan. I really have to give a big thanks to InShapeMD in Severna Park. I was stuck at a crossroad in my life because of a bad back. I have 3 herniated discs and 2 of them are severely herniated and all of them are in my lower back. The doctors and surgeons that I have seen all told me that surgery is inevitable. I’ve been through physical therapy on numerous occasions and seen a chiropractor for a few years. I was told if I lose weight that it would help my back but anytime I worked out I would always aggravate it and be on the shelf for a few weeks.

I’m a weekend warrior who loves to play flag football, basketball and kickball when I can and to be brutally honest I’m addicted to playing sports.  My wife would get so upset with me because I would come back from playing sports and be in terrible shape and at times need help walking around the house. I’m basically going to have to be dragged off of the football field when I cant play anymore.

I met with the Lee and Chuck from InShap MD in Severna Park and they got me back on the right track. I was able to lose the weight fast with any easy diet and now they are helping me to keep the weight off.  I am back to playing basketball and football and I actually got a little bit of my speed back.  I’ve learned a ton about my body and how certain foods affect my body in different ways. At my initial consultation (which is free by the way) I found out that my body was extremely low in Vitamin D and that I was low in Testosterone. I’ve tried so many different diets, but this is the only one that has truly changed my life. I’ve never felt better and now I know the proper way to eat and work out. Check them out at you can change your life too.

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