Becky Freeberger – Weight Loss Story

Becky Freeberger Wellness at InShapeMD before and after

Becky’s Weight Loss Story

Initially I was concerned that my eating habits were going to haunt me as I went through phase 1 of the Count Down Diet. I rarely watched what I ate. As I was told, only for the first few days was I little hungry. A week after following the protocol, I began seeing amazing results.  I knew at this time I would have no problem completing the program.  Taking off the pounds and smiling when I looked in the mirror each day erased the cravings for sweets and fries. One day soon I will be able to enjoy those treats in a healthy and moderate way. Initially, I ate every bite for the first two weeks.

When I started the third week, I noticed how I felt full and did not want to finish my meals.  The portion sizes make you feel proud of how you eat.  Eating a salad in a restaurant topped with chicken or shrimp lasts at least 2.5 meals.  Prior habits while eating out would also include a soup or an appetizer ”“ now I can see how much is too much.  While I am excited about entering phase two, and adding in other foods including dairy, nuts and other healthy fats for the next few weeks, I am pretty nervous about the doubling of my caloric intake. My faith in the system will encourage me to eat what”™s right and in its full capacity. I have lost 25 pounds in 28 days and didn”™t lose one pound of muscle! There wasn”™t a day where I didn”™t lose some weight.  I started the program at a tight 16 and today I am in a comfortable 12.  I am walking 6-9 miles per week.  I am working on my muscle tone with push-ups and squats.  I feel better today than any day I can ever remember.  I have not been this size for over eight years.  I intend to live my life by this program; healthy eating, small portions, conscientious about carbs and sugar and gluten free.

My family has been so supportive and proud of my results.  Having a refrigerator full of greens, without soda has helped everyone in my house to move toward healthy living.  Cooking natural foods makes for a glorious aroma in the house!  Receiving texts from my mom and my kids telling me how proud they are of me for changing the way I live, has been most rewarding. I”™m excited to continue my weight loss journey.  I am only five pounds from my first goal and 15 pounds from my new goal.  I am 37 years old and a single mom and until now, I have not had the courage to network and date.  Each day my confidence increases.  This plan was the best decision I have made for myself in some time.

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