Kim’s “Get Healthy” Weight Loss Transformation

Kim's Get Healthy Weight Loss Path

Kim’s “Get Healthy” Weight Loss Transformation

When I first went to InShapeMD, I was 354 lbs.  I had been diagnosed with hypertension and diabetes and was taking a number of medications to help manage those conditions.  Even though I was feeling really tired and generally run-down, I was still hesitant about beginning the program.  I got a chance to talk with a friend who had been successful following the protocol, who convinced me to give it a try.  I met with Lee, who had the Nurse Practitioner review my blood-work.  After that, Lee sent my doctors a letter, outlining the program and protocol, for approval.  My doctors gave the “go-ahead” for me to follow the program, with the modified caloric intake.

I was still a bit hesitant about the program.  I have been on some kind of “diet” my whole life, yo-yoing up and down.  The idea of going on another one, with the very real fear of losing then gaining it all back, worried me.  I had also read things about HCG on the internet, much of which was negative AND untrue (don”™t believe everything you read on the internet!).  Talking to Lee about the InShapeMD”™s program, put my apprehension to rest.

I began the hCG injections and modified my food intake according to our agreed protocol at end of April.  By the end of the thirty-day period, I was taken off my diabetes medication and half of my hypertension meds.  I lost a total of 30lbs, during that time. I noticed that I felt better and my overall attitude and mood were better.  I began to sleep better and have more energy during the day.  No more “crashing” in the middle of the day.  Meeting with Lee on a weekly basis was very helpful, in that I got useful tips to make following the protocol manageable for me. I also got a chance to see how much fat I was losing.

I did a second round of the hCG injections about two months later and continued to lose weight, but not as much as the first round (of course Lee explained that was to be expected).  During the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, I gained a total of 12 lbs (ouch!).  I called Lee and she coached me into making those healthier choices and gave me pointers on what to do to lose the added weight.  I followed her advice and lost the holiday pounds and a few more.  I”™m back on track!

I don”™t think of the hCG protocol as “silver-bullet” for losing and maintaining weight.  It clearly helped me lose weight and become healthier, but that was only the beginning.  The eating tips and healthy-choice ideas that Lee shared are certainly helping me, manage my weight better.  I occasionally slip back into eating crazy.  I love everything that is fattening, but now I”™m learning to eat those things less frequently and in moderation.

As of this morning, I weighed in at 274.5 lbs. I am still off my diabetes medication, with a low A1C level, and am taking 75% less hypertension medication (I was taking four different meds. Now I”™m taking only one and the dosage has been cut to the lowest strength), then when I began the protocol.

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