Men’s Hormone Replacement Therapy

HappyLee Fitness InShape MD is known for helping people meet their weight loss goals but we also offer other services. One such service is an anti-aging therapy for men facing decreasing testosterone. As we age our hormone production takes a downturn, usually before we are ready for it to. In men, the production of testosterone. There are some clear physical effects of lower testosterone levels. A few of these are listed below.

  • Body Fat. Testosterone helps fat cells shed fat and burn fat efficiently. When testosterone levels decrease, body fat increases.
  • Bone mass. Mone density depends on a balance of testosterone and estrogen so regulating testosterone can help bone loss associated with aging.
  • Erectile dysfunction is not always caused by low testosterone but when it is BHRT can help.
  • Depression The connection between lower testosterone levels and depression is being studied and currently there does seem to be a correlation, though the causation piece of the puzzle is being looked for.

Other symptoms include diabetes, depression, mood swings and loss of energy and concentration. Some people call this male menopause but unlike in women, the reproductive capabilities do not entirely shut down, the male hormone testosterone does not completely stop production but it”™s decline does have effects on a man”™s physical and mental well being.

Bioidentical Hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) can help restore testosterone levels. The first thing that has to be done before you start BHRT is to have your current levels checked. HappyLee offers a comprehensive hormone panel that includes thyroid functioning.


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