Why Did I Become A Personal Trainer?

Hanna Golom

Why Did I Become A Personal Trainer?


I am often asked this question and there are multiple reasons why I chose this career path.

When I was in high school, I was hired at a gym for my first job (Riviera Fitness Center to be specific). My title was “Fitness Assessment Counselor” and I was very proud of it. My overall knowledge on health and fitness was limited during this time and high school band practice was the only positive factor in my level of physical fitness. While working at this gym, I took body-composition measurements of every client and helped them utilize the exercise machines.

More important than my job title and my after-school activities was the inspiration I received from personal trainers throughout the workday. Two trainers come to mind even six years after my employment at Riviera Fitness. I always watched how they worked with their clients and this quiet observation is what initially triggered my interest.

I graduated high school and began college as a broadcast journalism major. I loved being in front of the camera and interviewing anyone who came my way. After about a year into the program, I decided that journalism was not for me. I was tired of writing about subjects that could not hold my interest, let alone the reader”™s interest. At this time, I completed one semester of college feeling as if I was stuck in a rut. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.

Immediately after this lost semester, I moved from Florida to California (that itself is a long story to tell another time) and decided to become a certified personal trainer. It took me a few months to build up a steady clientele and I enjoyed every second of the building process.

Alongside personal training, I simultaneously started classes at a new college in California and discovered the kinesiology department. Through the classes offered, I would study the mechanics of human movement and further my passion for the subject. For the first time, I knew I had finally found my place and my purpose; I was going to earn my degree in exercise science.

Three years passed and I took multiple courses on exercise science, health and wellness, sports performance, basic nutrition, sports nutrition, and biomechanics (my personal favorite). I loved every second of it and would do it all over again if given the opportunity. The study of human movement is incredible. Have you ever stopped and thought about how elegantly and beautifully designed the human body is?

So why did I become a personal trainer? My answer is simple. Helping people become the best version of themselves is what makes me happy and gets me out of bed in the morning. I love motivating people to accomplish their fitness goals and equipping them with the tools necessary to live a more positive and healthy lifestyle.

As far as we know, this is our only life and our only body. Why not choose to be active, happy, and healthy?

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