Weight Loss Benefits

HappyLee Fitness and InShapeMD wants to support you while you strive for and reach, your fitness goals. We are a medical weight loss center in beautiful Severna Park.  Our HCG Medical Weight Loss Program uses naturally occurring human hormones to help you lose weight, have less hunger and burn fat. Combine this with our effective exercise programs and your goals will be within reach. We all know that losing weight will make you feel great emotionally but there are, of course, real, tangible medical benefits. We thought we”™d discuss a few of these this week, and again in future blogs.

  • Heath Health. This can be divided into two categories.  High blood pressure and high cholesterol. When you lose only 5-10% of your body weight your bad cholesterol will likely go down while your good cholesterol will likely go up. Blood pressure usually lowers when weight is lost. Blood pressure can decrease by 5% (diastolic)  and 8% (systolic).
  • Sleep. Overweight people tend to snore and often this is is associated with sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition where the person must completely wake from sleep to start their breathing because their airway has become completely obstructed and the air is blocked. Just losing 10% of your weight can decrease sleep apnea occurrences by up to 26%.
  • Joint health. Every Time you step on your foot, the knee takes pressure from 3 to 6 times your body weight in pressure to the joint.  Losing just a small percentage of weight can have a significant impact on the pressure exerted on the knee and any pain you are experiencing.

Finding the motivation to get started on a weight loss program can be hard to find, but we at HappyLee Fitness InShape Severna Park are here to support you every step of the way!

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