Fennel Celery and Green Apple Slaw

Fennel Celery and Green Apple Slaw Fennel Celery and Green Apple Slaw Here”™s a light and refreshing salad that”™s filled with healthy fiber. Fresh tarragon, fennel and lemon juice lend vibrant flavors, eliminating the need for fattening, store bought salad dressing. Serve alongside a portion of lean protein for the perfect, fitness approvedRead more

Allison – Wellness Success at InShape MD

Allison Herstien Wellness at InShapeMD before and after

I started the Countdown Program about 2 1/2 months ago and have lost 35lbs. I have learned that I can control what I put in my mouth and that it can be very empowering to control your eating habits. Losing weight with HCG has been great because of how the weight comes off; you can see the difference in a completely good way. And, through the weight loss, less than a pound was muscle, which is what makes the results look so different.

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Leslie’s New Healthy Lifestyle Story

Leslie's New Healthy Lifestyle Story Before and After

I have lost 27 pounds so far on my journey to my new healthy lifestyle. Not only has this changed my life but it has changed my entire family’s life! My husband and oldest daughter are getting healthier. My 12 year daughter, who has ADHD, was addicted to sugar, and became over weight, started learning how to be healthy through my efforts with this company. And WOW! She has now lost 20 pounds and has met her goal and is healthy and feeling great!

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Men’s Hormone Replacement Therapy

HappyLee Fitness InShape MD is known for helping people meet their weight loss goals but we also offer other services. One such service is an anti-aging therapy for men facing decreasing testosterone. As we age our hormone production takes a downturn, usually before we are ready for

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Women’s Hormone Replacement Therapy

HappyLee Fitness InShape MD is known for helping people with their weight loss but we also offer anti-aging therapies. It is well known that as women age their hormones will shift gears into perimenopause and then menopause. This can be a long process and most women try

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Weight Loss Benefits

HappyLee Fitness and InShapeMD wants to support you while you strive for and reach, your fitness goals. We are a medical weight loss center in beautiful Severna Park.  Our HCG Medical Weight Loss Program uses naturally occurring human hormones to help you lose weight, have less hunger

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HCG Weight Loss

Happy Lee Fitness is an InShapeMD weight loss center and we know that it takes a team to support you when you make the commitment to lose the weight you need to weight. Needing to lose a significant amount of weight is often a health issue, not

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Jeremy Conn 6 Week Update

Jeremy Conn 6 Week Update I have lost 31lbs so far. Now I am working on increasing my testosterone which will improve my overall health and wellbeing. THIS IS JEREMY CONN FROM THE FAN. JUST LIKE MANY OF YOU, I DECIDED TO MAKE 2015 A YEAR OF

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Weight Loss Happens in a Community

Yes, at the heart of any weight loss is the concept that you must expend more calories than you take in but anyone who has ever dieted, and really, who hasn’t dieted, can tell you that so much of weight loss rests in your mind. It takes

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What I have learned so far about our Fitness Studio

What I have learned so far about our fitness studio, HappyLee Fitness, verses the big box gyms that I am accustomed to. 'Where every body knows your name' 1.   Our customers like being part of a community where everyone knows each other. 2.  Our customers love theRead more
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