Women’s Hormone Replacement Therapy

HappyLee Fitness InShape MD is known for helping people with their weight loss but we also offer anti-aging therapies. It is well known that as women age their hormones will shift gears into perimenopause and then menopause. This can be a long process and most women try to ease the shift by eating right or taking some type of hormone replacement therapy. For the last 40 years doctors have been searching for the right mix of hormones to help women thought the unpleasant symptoms of menopause while not increasing the risk of stroke or

Symptoms of perimenopause are

  • Hot flashes during the day and especially at night which makes sleeping
  • breast tenderness,
  • PMS that is worse than it previously has been.
  • Decreased libido.
  • Periods become irregular. Your menstrual cycle becomes irregular as you ovulate unpredictably. Your cycle may become shorter or longer and your flow may flucuate between heavy and light, or you may skip some periods.
  • Pain during sex from vaginal dryness.
  • Urine leakage during sneezes or coughing.
  • Bone loss. Bone density is linked to estrogen and so a loss in bone density is associated with menopause.
  • It is clear to see why women would want to ease these symptoms!

The hormones involved in female BHRT are estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. The goal of BHRT is to restore a natural balance of hormones through soy and other plant based compounds. They are produced using the highest industry standards. They come in cream, gel or sublingual forms.


This has been only an introduction into this important and fascinating field. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms above and would like to speak to our health advisor call our office for an appointment.

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