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Ira’s Life Changing Weight Loss Story

Success Stories Ira weight loss

I came to In-Shape MD a little over a year ago. At the time I weighed over 400 lbs and needed to loose a lot of weight! I have since removed 135lbs of weight and am virtually off most of my medicines.

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Stacey – 30lbs gone so far!

HappyLee Success Stories

When I began my first round on the program I weighed 200 lbs. and after 28 days I weigh 180 lbs. I am very much a pear shape and went from a size large shirt down to a size medium and a size 18 pants down to a size 14. I was shocked that during the 2 weeks off Phase 1 of the program my body had gotten used to the portions and types of food I was eating and I found it very difficult to eat 1,000 a day. Most days I was close to eating 800-900 calories. At the end of the 2 week break my weight had stayed exactly the same!! I am just past the middle of my 2nd round and down another 10lbs of FAT.

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Becky Freeberger – Weight Loss Story

Becky Freeberger Wellness at InShapeMD before and after

What an amazing program! I was skeptical when I first discovered InShapeMD, but I gave them a call and after talking and meeting with Lee at the Severna Park location, I was truly on board. I have to say this is the easiest diet or shall I say the most awesome lifestyle change I have ever done for myself.

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