Check out professional personal fitness trainer, Jim Cleveland, and his post on yoga and running.  Great combination. Even if you can only walk/ run or just walk.

One might think that yoga and running are worlds apart for certain reasons.

Perhaps running has a high impact on the body”™s joints or that yoga has a low impact on the body”™s joints, or that yoga enhances flexibility, but running makes a person muscularly tight. Well, here are ten ways that shed a different light on these two activities.

1) Helps increase a person”™s circulation

With yoga and running both require a rhythmic pattern of breathing. Your body needs to be oxygenated and depending on the rate of exertion, the rate of respiration either increases or decreases.

2) Helps clear the mind, enhance focus, and could be considered a form of mediation

There is a level of peace and solitude a person could gain by either of these activities. Some people say that it is cheaper than therapy. What a great time to multi-task in a positive way, put things in their place, and set a course for deeper waters.

3) Promotes awareness for proper/adequate hydration

Both activities require a level of hydration prior to participating. You should also make sure that you carry a hydration supply with you and that you are getting essential electrolytes (they are what your cells (especially nerve, heart, muscle) use to maintain voltages across their cell membranes and to carry electrical impulses (nerve impulses, muscle contractions) across themselves and to other cells).

4) Promotes awareness for proper nutrition

One of the mainstays for overall good health is nutrition. From a physiological standpoint of muscle function, your body needs the right ratio of carbohydrates, fats, and protein.

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5) Promotes the importance of enhancing the body”™s flexibility

By enhancing the level of flexibility the risk of injury is potentially reduced, mobility is increased, and bolsters and running

6) They release a certain level of endorphins

They are neurotransmitters that reduce pain and bring about a feeling of euphoria and are great at enhancing a person sense of well being! Also, an elevated mood helps a person be more productive!

7) You can cross train with these two activities in order to avoid overtraining/injury

You can set these activities up on your workout schedule. That way you can listen to your body and switch if you are getting too much of either yoga or running!

8) The activities can empower an individual to help increase their level of self-esteem and self-awareness

With either activity, an individual would more than likely have a starting point (e.g. to learn the different poses in yoga or the running mechanics) and then set small goals. Once these goals are achieved it can serve as impetuses to propel the person forward and have their confidence grow!

9) Yoga and running can help with weight maintenance and/or weight loss

Based on the duration, intensity, and environment, a participant can potentially burn 400 plus calories per hour. Perhaps this might not be the objective or the participant, but it sure doesn”™t hurt!

10) The activities can help a person expand his or her social circle

Although running and yoga are considered to be an individualized activity. A participatant can make social inroads by either running with a group or participating in local races or they can join a yoga class and establish a certain level of camaraderie.

Now you can set aside the differences and embrace the similarities! To your Good Health!