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One Thought on Weight Loss

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We listen to clients and we try to understand their emotional connection to weight loss. It”™s important to understand what”™s going on.  For example is your current weight a new high weight or a weight you have been stuck on for a while or have you recently lost weight and this is a new low. Each question has totally different psychological implications.  The most important thing we can do on day one is to listen, to understand, to have empathy, and to help our client understand that we genuinely care and that there are multiple options and approaches to successful sustainable weight loss.

We know that people have challenges with their weight; in fact, most people have or will experience challenges with weight.  There are easy-to-do things that we support in order to make the transition to your desired weight less stressful.

  1. How about not being hungry?

    When someone decides to lose weight, they typically cut back on food and calories, and they eliminate snacks; for most of us, that means we are simply starving, right? Sometimes the hunger is so unbearable that you could eat your right arm off.  Are you with me on this? What if you could reduce calories and not be hungry?  Would that make it easier?  At HappyLee we can help you with that.


  1. How about not being lethargic?

    Most people suffer from sluggishness when they reduce calories.  Can you relate?  It”™s obvious that you are eating less, maybe eating wrong; you are getting tired, and because you are tired and now irritable, you will reach for that comfort food.  Are we hitting home?  What if you could actually have more energy, because you are eating the right foods? What if you were not irritable at all?  What if you never had to reach for the comfort food?  We can show you how this is done.  A little education goes along way, wouldn”™t you agree?   We can show you exactly what to eat, a step by step approach, a complete guide on what to eat each day.


  1. Preventing muscle loss?

    Did you know the average person loses a larger percent of their muscle when attempting to lose fat?  Have you seen someone lose weight and look like they have no muscle?  You have right?  You don”™t say anything, but it”™s natural to think that person does not look healthy.  I know I have experienced that feeling.  I wanted to be happy for the success of the person but I walked away with concerns.  InShapeMD focuses on keeping muscle.  If you could lose fat and keep muscle, you simply will look so much better.  Not to mention that more muscle yields a higher metabolism.  Would you like to lose weight and look great and feel great?


  1. Attack the abnormal fat cells?

    What if you could reduce the abnormal fat cells and use those calories as an energy source in addition to the food you are eating?  We can show you how to pull 1200 -2500 calories a day from your abnormal fat cells.  Those calories will be consumed and used as energy.   So in addition to the food you are eating, you will be getting these additional calories.  If you could attack abnormal fat, have high energy and not be hungry, wouldn”™t that be worth learning more about?


  1. Change your metabolism?

    It”™s possible to increase metabolism with your diet.  We can show you how to eat, what to eat and over time, the net result will be increased metabolism.  Metabolism is your ability to burn calories at rest.  We should all become efficient at burning calories, but most of us have become more efficient at storing calories.   Our focus is on eating clean, eating often and drinking water.  Over time, we can show your body how to become better at burning calories more effectively.


All five of these characteristics are components of our protocols.

If any of this is of interest to you, please stop in or call for your complimentary Consultation with a Weight Loss Consultant at InShapeMD~Severna Park.  410-975-5666. or email

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