When most runners embark on the quest to run a marathon they are inundated with a variety of training tips, techniques, and products that all stake claim to you having unpresenced success. Well, here are ten great tips to keep in mind!

1) Set goals by asking yourself these questions: Why are you running the marathon?

Are you running for a charity? Are you running for yourself?Start to visualize running the marathon, see yourself going the distance and then crossing the finish line!

2) Consider hiring a fitness coach who has experience in long distance running training

Their insight, expertise, and accountability could prove to be invaluable! Canned running training programs are helpful, but in most cases they are very general, you need someone who can interpret and has “been there, done that!”

3) After you pick the marathon that you want to run

Start studying the terrain, weather patterns for that time of year, and investigate the local amenities. If it is your first one, then pick a flat and fast course! Integrating the marathon running training will be a balancing act between work and your relationships with loved ones, don”™t neglect either one!

4) Have your running gait analyzed

Get fitted with the proper shoe that matches your gait and provides adequate support!

marathon training program

5) If possible plan out some of your training runs on the marathon course!

This can help you mentally plot the course and set landmarks, which can be used as “check off “points.

6) Plan out your nutrition and hydration

Experiment with your pre-run meals, find out which foods give you the most energy and sustain you the best. Eliminate foods that are counter to your body”™s processes like those that cause gastrointestinal distress and/or inadequate in energy. Keeping yourself properly hydrated is paramount to having great success in your marathon.

Energy replacement can also be in a liquid form, and a great way to replenish your electrolytes. Much has been published about your bodies need for electrolytes, so look at the time that it will take you cover your longer training runs, along with the weather.

After six miles on the average, start drinking a diluted form of an electrolyte drink, then adjust accordingly based on the demands of your body, nobody likes to cramp up either on their training runs or during the marathon!

7) Cross train!

So, add swimming or biking to take a load off of the impact on your joints that running presents. Add resistance training to our schedule; keep the sets to three and the reps around fifteen per set (per exercise), because you want to establish good core strength and endurance for your muscles!

8) Plan out and implement your recovery

Take a load off! After you long runs relax, stretch, eat and drink! You will need to replenish your glycogen stores in your muscles and top off your tank with your hydration. Keep in mind that you do not want to overeat, space out your nutritional intake, but do not forget to do it! Make sure that you are getting enough sleep, you are seeking out balance!

9) Remember you will run based on how you train, it is that simple!

10) Log your training runs, take notes, and document your journey.

You will have a story to tell (share) that could inspire someone else!

Keep this in mind whether it is your first or thirty third marathon you have succeeded just by utilizing these ten tips!