Three items come to mind that are readily available to any runner ”“ novice or seasoned.  Those three items are: running apparel, running shoes, and electronic activity trackers/running pace apps.

The technology behind running apparel

As it relates to running apparel, there have been so many types of shirts, shorts, pants, jackets and hats that have been introduced by so many different companies specializing in this line.

The material of choice is microfiber.  So if you are running and you are overheating, your respiration will usually increase, along with perspiration and your heart rate.

This could lead to dehyradration and decrease your running performance.

On the other hand if you are running and you cannot stay warm, this could lead to an excessive calorie burn and lower your energy level.

The purpose of these products

The objective with the garments material is to either keep a person cool or help them stay warm.

The person”™s physiological and psychological states are kept in check and are not having a detrimental effect on their running. Therefore, how the material regulates a person”™s body temperature is indicative to an improvement in their running!

The technology behind running shoes

With running shoes the technology has improved over time and is integrated into the newer model of a particular brand of shoe.

technology to improve running_2

Some of the more notable features of a shoe that a wearer should be concerned about are: mid sole cushioning, adequate room in the toe box and proper arch support. Some shoes are designed to help stabilize a person”™s footfall so that they do not over pronate.

Specific designs to support runners

There are shoes that have a variance in heel to toe drop, which helps support the foot based on how a person”™s foot strikes the ground.

There are also shoes that are labeled as neutral, which means they do not have the stabilizing support, for those who don”™t need it.  Adequately supported feet can lead to improved running!

The technology behind activity trackers

Then there is the activity tracker that is built into a watch.  These devices provide you with the opportunity to set personal running goals, monitor your heart rate (so that you are training in the proper zone), track calories burned (so that you can utilize your pre and post nutrient timing), and the distance covered (so that you are not running too far and overtraining).

Using apps to assist your training

You can download the data collected on your activity tracker to your smart phone and display the ongoing results.  Also, you can utilize a smart phone “app” to map a running route and then another app set a running pace.

The running pace app will hold the person accountable for maintaining a pre-defined pace.  So, proper analysis of the interactive data and the implementation of an effective running strategy can lead to improved running!

How to know which one is best?

You can read reviews on all of these products to gain a perspective.  But one approach you can take is to ask your fellow runners who use these items what they think about them.

That way you can potentially avoid buyer”™s remorse and get the most out of these items and your running!