Deciding on a Health Club

Health club?

Deciding on a Health Club

I have listed five things to consider when shopping for a health club, fitness center and/or a gym. There are many factors but these five will give you a good start for your selection process:

  1. Price: 

    Money is important. If you have money to spare, then the sky is the limit.  Really how do you put a price on your health?  We have all heard that before, right?  Money is relevant but I agree that most of our spare money should be going towards wellness.  Unfortunately, so much of our money is spent getting of shape, not in it.  People will always spend more money to get out of shape then they spend trying to get into shape.  Every selection has a price point.  Ask:

    1. What do you want?
    2. What do you want to spend?
    3. What”™s important to you?

Maybe you have been down the road of the mid-priced chain health club that is well set up with services, but you are tired of being part of the big massive numbers; maybe you want something smaller and want to be part of a community? All things to ponder, but either way you need to budget. There are clubs that are crowded, there are clubs that focus on not crowding, more boutique and they cater to your personal needs.  There are bare bone clubs with no employees and no service, and there are clubs with every amenity you could imagine. The clubs with the most also charge the most.  There are many national chains that are middle-of-the-road priced with lots of amenities.  Establish a budget for what you can spend; there are $10.00 per month clubs, $19.00 per month clubs, $29.00, $39.00, $49.00, $79.00 and way above $100/month clubs.


  1. Services: 

    What services do you want?  Is it important that you have group exercise classes? Do you want free towel service?  Do you want personal training or specialty classes such as yoga or Barre?  If you join a facility that does not have what you want, you will get yourself in trouble because after a few weeks you will remember what you wanted.


  1. Convenience:

    Is it close?  Can you get there fast?  Is it on the way to/from work and/or your child”™s activities or at least the grocery store?  If not, don”™t kid yourself.   You are not going to drive 20-30 minutes to get to your health club.  It has to be easy to get to and easy to get back. You will have more success this way.  If you struggle with traffic at peak times, or parking challenges you will regret your buying decision.  Your club has to be ten minutes or less from somewhere.  Don”™t drive by a health club to get to another club to save five dollars.  Time is money.  If you are working out 3-4 times per week that extra ten minutes each way will add up.


  1. Equipment:

    Equipment is important.  Make sure it is in working order all the time.  No signs posted on the equipment saying “Out of Order.”Â Â  Ask members “Do you see machines out-of-order frequently? Or how well is the equipment maintained?”Â  You don”™t want old equipment.  The industry keeps innovating and you want a health club that changes as well.  Make sure you have the pieces you want and don”™t settle for something that always works the muscle the same way. Do your homework.


  1. Culture:  

    Is the environment friendly?  How were you greeted?  Are people helping others?  How did the sales person treat you? Is it clean? All of these things are part of a club”™s culture. Is the gym a muscle gym?  Is the gym a personal training gym?  What environment are you seeking?  Once you find the environment, ask some questions and pay attention.  Culture will kill your buying decision but, often, after it”™s too late.

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